Commercial Services


Was it an intruder who tripped the alarm? Was it an employee that entered the building after hours? If so, which one? Did something go missing from inventory? Was there damage to one of your vehicles? To keep your business secure, you need immediate access to your system. With our security app, you are informed of activity in real-time and can distinguish between real and false alarms. RBO Technology can provide full security solutions such as:

Intrusion – Security Systems

Surveillance – Interior & Exterior

Access Control – Key Card/Badges, Biometrics (fingerprint and facial recognition)

Automation and Integration

How easy would it be if you could control all your properties from a single log-in? We can create a dashboard that allows you the capability to monitor multiple locations in one, easy to use portal. For restaurants, our seamless design can monitor your walk-in cooler temps from an easy-to-use app and can even integrate your point-of-sale equipment with your backend system. For larger industries and storage facilities, gate and door controls can be customized to your needs. And for office spaces, RBO Technology can integrate your security, lighting, and temperature controls into an easy-to-access area, accessible on-site or off-site, from any smartphone or tablet.


Audio/Video systems


Motorized shades

Structured Cabling

Our systems are designed not only for your current needs, but for your future ones as well. No matter what business you are in, nowadays, everyone needs internet to function. The more reliable and capable your internet is, the more profitable you are. It’s just that simple and we understand. Our cabling design and installation will last for years and years to come.

Fiber Optic

Cat6 and Cat6A 

10 Gig Networks

Design Services

Not sure where to start? Our team of professionals will work with you to design a custom technology solution for you business and walk with you throughout the process to insure complete success of the project.


If you need a system that accommodates just a few devices or a network that can handle thousands of devices at a time our team will have a solution for you.


We can design complete lighting systems that eliminate the need for multiple switches in any given area and reducing it to one switch with multiple buttons.


Whether you need audio and video in one zone or multiple, our team can design and implement it for you.


From simple monitored alarm services to complex surveillance systems with access control, we will have a solution that will suit your needs.

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